Top business trends that have accelerated due to the disruptions of the past year

In 2020, the world experienced several years of digital transformation in just the span of the first three months of the global pandemic. This created massive behavioural shifts in the adoption of digital technology that are expected to persist even past the pandemic, such as remote access to healthcare, online CPG/grocery shopping and remote work. Let’s take a look at the top business trends that have accelerated and are expected to impact industries today and into the future.


Data security and privacy

Strong investment in data security and privacy continues, with over 70% of organisations seeing significant business benefits from these investments. In addition to corporate, consumer and patient data security being a high priority, attention to privacy issues related to the pandemic have increased dramatically.


On-demand logistics and services

During the global pandemic, many companies have discovered vulnerabilities in their supply chains when responding to supply chain disruptions. The companies that invested more in the digital mapping of their supply chains have fared better and have been able to adapt to meet the changing landscape more quickly



Demand for true end-to-end traceability continues to gain momentum, being driven by consumer and patient demands for transparency and industry needs to increase security, accuracy, timely access to products and visibility across their supply chains.


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