At Kaptur we maintain an unbiased view of laser and imaging technologies. Our technology portfolio is diversified and balanced to involve the entire range of laser and imaging products. Our solutions include both technologies and we understand each’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Kaptur offers highly capable imaging (linear CCD included) and laser-based readers, which allow us to objectively analyse customer applications and recommend which technology or product best suits their needs.

Kaptur actively supports both technologies and strives to address customer applications appropriately and without bias.

Laser barcode scanners

For these devices, the laser beam works as the light source while reading the barcode. The laser measures the reflected light from the barcode scanner.

Linear CCD barcode scanners

CCD (charge-coupled device) a high-speed semiconductor applied in image detection) barcode scanners use an array of hundreds of small light sensors to measure the intensity of the light, converting that light energy into electronic signals.

Imager/Camera-based barcode readers

2D (Two-dimensional) imaging scanners are the newest type of barcode reader. These specific barcode readers use a camera and image processing methods to decode barcodes.