A barcode scanner is an extremely critical device for a lot of companies. Whether used for sales management or supply operations, maintaining these kinds of useful tools around can make the regular running of your business processes an easier and more accurate job.

Several units are produced to stand up against drops, collisions along with other incidents which may lead to some scanners to end running. In cases where the scanner is going to be used in harsh types of environments look for ones that will be rugged enough to survive with tough use. A small and light weight device will be more comfortable to use over a longer period. Having a hands-free function helps while scanning large or bulky items. Omnidirectional scanning function will let you scan an object without having to line up the scanner with the barcode on the good.

Handheld (corded/wired) barcode scanners

Frequently described as pistol or gun, handheld barcode scanners are popular in retail locations as component of the point-of-sale system.

Cordless/Wireless barcode scanners

As suggested by the name, these barcode scanners are not tied to the Point of Sale, offering workers more chance to operate.

Stationary/Omnidirectional barcode readers

Usually located in supermarkets and grocery stores, these readers are desk mounted and largely see the maximum amount of scanning traffic per shopper.

Embedded Fixed-position scanner

Commonly employed in industrial settings, these barcode readers recognize goods during the manufacturing process or for logistics.