Lotteria Degli Scontrini – Italian Cashless program

KP2000 rapid 1D CCD handheld barcode scanner incorporates the latest technology for excellent 1D barcode scanning performance at exceptionally low power consumption. The KP2000 rapid 1D can perform up to 200 scans per second, which translates into very fast and accurate barcode capturing. In addition, its compact size, ergonomic and solid-state design makes a smart solution for extensive use in varied environments. The KP2000 rapid 1D is a practical user-friendly quality entry level scanner at an extremely competitive price. Kaptur KP2000 is the suitable solution for Lotteria Degli Scontrini, the Italian Cashless program.

Unless specific restrictions of the cash register manufacturer, KP2000 fits many types of cash registers! Quick and easy installation. From March 1st, Italian citizens can report on the customs agency website, the shopkeepers who do not allow the reading of the barcode, in fact each customer, thanks to the “lotteria degli scontrini” introduced this year, he can ask the dealer from whom he made a purchase, even for one euro, to associate the expense to his code – the merchant will read the lottery code through an optical barcode reader connected to the electronic cash recorder.