Automatic Identification technology represents a great opportunity for retail sector, which can count on protection, but also reliability and speed for the availability and management of goods and inventory,  these factors are found essential as key to offering a competitive service to the customer. Barcode and RFID retail technologies allow retailers to improve on-shelf availability, increase sales, cut labour costs and improve customer service.

Barcodes reduce the risks of human mistake. Product details must be noted during several phases of the operation. Typically, if a human does the job of keeping the details then there are possibilities of making errors. Instead of this manual record-keeping, barcodes have good apply. A barcode reveals all the elements with just a single scan.

Barcodes are helpful for keeping good quality inventory management. With barcodes, the information is scanned directly into the main computer of any system. This makes a quick database and the data is handled accurately in the inventory. This, in turn, reduces separate phases and levels of any inventory. It reduces the search time and reduces manpower wastage and extra costs. Barcodes can store a lot of data effortlessly. Only one bar code per item is enough for store all the details about producer, the supplier, and the retailer. Therefore, they all can obtain information promptly.