It’s All Retail Milano 2019 : Thank you for visit us!

Kaptur presented its solutions for optimization in the retail trade at It’s all Retail, on March 13th in Milan. The event involved 81 speakers and around 700 participants and represented a moment of in-depth analysis and discussion on market challenges and new solutions to support the Retail, GDO and Fashion world.

For example, it was discussed how, through Kaptur solutions, it was possible to optimize the supply of shelves by intervening in delivery planning. In particular, by consolidating deliveries of items destined for the same area of the store on a specific day of the week, it is possible to reduce the cost of commissioning work by 20 percent.

With the same logic, by optimizing the planograms by point of sale based on local demand and replenishment cycles, it is possible to display almost all the goods just delivered directly on the shelves and ensure availability even on the days of greatest demand.

NH Milano Congress Centre

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