A&T 2020 : A&T is the fair where you can find applicable technologies and solutions!

Kaptur will present its solutions for optimization in the automation and industrial markets, on February 12-14th in Turin (Italy). Worker productivity is directly related to how your workflow process is carried out. With paper-based, manual processes, personnel are constantly moving from one location to another which can be prohibitive in terms of productivity. Manual processes are also subject to human error – whether it’s translating hard-to-read handwriting mistake or a simple data entry error, you are risking time, money and customer satisfaction.
Innovating processes and ensuring production reliability is the goal of all companies. 60% of Italian companies started projects 4.0, in most cases by purchasing production technologies and test-measurement tools through hyper-super amortization. The next step is the integration of technologies and the training of human capital. At the TechSigno’s booth you will find Kaptur solutions and A&T is the ideal place to know, test and evaluate industrial technologies 4.0, to bring the excellence of applied research to processes and production, to understand in practice what are the “paths” to increase skills and be more competitive on the market.

A&T Turin 2020