Kaptur is proud to announce the new KP1401 desk reader

Similar to a regular laser scanner, OmniDirectional scanners have additional mirrors and other reflective devices to transform one laser line into many, all at different angles. OmniDirectional scanners provide faster scan rates with less aiming due to their wider reading areas and hands-free operation making them the perfect solution for Point of Sale applications. Kaptur is proud to announce the new KP1401 desk reader. Please click on KP1401 Desk Reader for more details.

As the first megapixel scanner on the market, the KP1401 desk reader II reads 1D and 2D barcodes, including Aztec, with speed and ease from paper and from a mobile phone screen. With user friendliness being at the forefront of POS systems, the KP1401 desk reader features soft illumination with a 10-degree tilt that insures comfort for both employees and customers. Combined with its superior performance and level of comfort, the KP1401 desk reader is the perfect addition to any POS system.

KP1401 desk reader

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